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The Level 9 Compilation

Category: Game
Genre: Adventure (Graphics & Text)
Status: Released
Format: Digital
Cost: Free
Author(s): Level 9 Computing (Games), Glen Summers (Interpreter), Stefan Bylund (Conversion)
Graphics: Level 9 Computing (Original), Stefan Bylund (Conversion)
Font: Phoebus Dokos
Language: English
Website: https://github.com/stefanbylund/zxnext_level9/tree/master/compilation

The Level 9 Compilation is a compilation for the Spectrum Next of all games from Level 9 Computing. All in all, there are 19 games; 16 text adventure games and 3 multiple choice games.

The compilation uses the Spectrum Next porting of an open-source Level 9 interpreter. The game story files and graphics are from the original Commodore Amiga, Atari ST and Amstrad CPC versions of the games. The graphics have been converted to Spectrum Next format.

Note: The Level 9 games are copyright by Level 9 Computing. This compilation is not official and its curator is not affiliated with Level 9 Computing. The compilation is done in loving memory of Level 9 and their classic masterpieces and without any monetary gain involved. Mike Austin (one of the Level 9 founders) has given his informal approval for the release of this Spectrum Next compilation. Thanks Mike for making this possible!

The games combine the layer 2 mode for showing colourful graphics and the Timex hi-res mode for displaying high-resolution text with a proportional font. The graphics can be scrolled up and down using the keyboard or mouse to make more or less room for the text. The text colour can be changed to your liking by cycling through a palette of 32 hand-picked colours. The game state can be saved to and loaded from an SD card.

The Level 9 Compilation contains the following games:

  • Jewels of Darkness trilogy

    • Colossal Adventure

    • Adventure Quest

    • Dungeon Adventure

  • Silicon Dreams trilogy

    • Snowball

    • Return to Eden

    • The Worm in Paradise

  • Emerald Isle

  • The Saga of Erik the Viking

  • The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13¾

  • The Archers

  • The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole

  • Knight Orc

  • Gnome Ranger

  • Time and Magik trilogy

    • Lords of Time

    • Red Moon

    • The Price of Magik

  • Lancelot

  • Ingrid's Back: Gnome Ranger 2

  • Scapeghost

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