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Krystle Designs

Category: Development Tool
Genre: NextBASIC
Status: Released
Format: Digital
Cost: Donation
Team: Leeorg Productions
Author(s): Lee Duke
Graphics: Lee Duke
Language: English
Website: https://leeorg.itch.io/krystle-designs

Welcome to Krystle Designs for the ZX Spectrum Next!

A native suite of design editors to create sprites and tiles, tilemaps, fonts and palettes for your software creation.

Within a single project, you can create a bank of sprites, up to four banks of tiles, up to four tilemaps (used in isolation or to create a composite tilemap), a custom font and finally up to ten palettes within a single bank.

Unique features include:

  • Global fill within the Sprite Editor for rapid colour changes

  • Create a composite tile-map in a full screen mode

  • Switch seamlessly between editors - see your sprite/tile updates instantly on your tile-maps! See font changes instantly! See palette changes instantly!

  • Inverse your font! Create cool font effects with the OVER 1 command. (Check out the Inverse Font Demo in the Examples folder

  • Create up to ten palettes to be used for any layer or sprite layer. (Check out the Dungeon Palette Demo in the Examples folder

Minimum Requirements:

  • ZX Spectrum Next/N-Go/Emulator with at least 1MB RAM

  • NextZXOS 2.06N (although almost certain to work fine on 2.06H)

  • Firmware 1.3 Core 3.01.08

  • Mouse required throughout

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