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Category: Game
Genre: Adventure (Graphics & Text)
Status: Released
Format: Digital
Cost: Free
Team: Strand Games
Author(s): Stefan Bylund (Conversion), Niclas Karlsson (Magnetic Interpreter), Magnetic Scrolls (Original)
Graphics: Stefan Bylund (Conversion), Magnetic Scrolls (Original), Yaro (Additional graphics)
Audio: Sergey Kosov (MmcM)
Remastering: Hugh Steers, Stefan Meier
Font: Phoebus Dokos
Language: English
Website: https://strandgames.com/projects/zxnext

Every silver lining has a cloud... Just when you think your luck is running out, things start getting even worse. You get run over by a bus. Sprayed with cheese sandwich by a supernatural being. Smashed against a tunnel by a speeding train. Fall from two thousand feet into an artificial waterfall. You get drunk, drowned and cursed, incinerated, widdled on, folded, bent, spindled, mutilated and generally mucked about with.

And in return? In return you get the leading role in a perplexing, hilarious race against time and chance, set in a jinxed land menaced by the impending death of good fortune. Who are we talking about? You guessed it. Look on the bright side. It could be your luckiest move yet.

It's more than a collection of crossword puzzles; it's a whole universe, where things behave as they do in the real world, with some alarming exceptions. Don't expect tiresome trolls, obvious orcs, silly spells and wet, wimpish witches in Jinxter. Infuriating, enchanting, absurd and hilarious by turns, Jinxter will surprise you with every move you make.

This is a remastered conversion by Strand Games of the illustrated text adventure game Jinxter. Jinxter was originally released by Magnetic Scrolls in 1987 and was their third game. It provided premium graphics in combination with an advanced parser. A text-only version of the game was released for the Spectrum +3. The new and improved version for Spectrum Next contains full graphics and uses the remastered version of the game with playability improvements and bug fixes.

The conversion has been made using the Spectrum Next porting of Magnetic; an open-source Magnetic Scrolls interpreter. The original graphics are from the Commodore Amiga version and have been converted to the Spectrum Next colour palette. The new graphics are from the remastered version for desktop and mobile systems and have been manually converted to the Spectrum Next.

The game combines the layer 2 mode for showing colourful graphics and the Timex hi-res mode for displaying high-resolution text with a proportional font. The graphics can be scrolled up and down using the keyboard or mouse to make more or less room for the text. The text colour can be changed to your liking by cycling through a palette of 32 hand-picked colours. The game state can be saved to and loaded from an SD card.

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