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Melkhior's Mansion

Category: Game
Genre: Maze Adventure
Status: In Development
Format: Digital
Cost: To Be Confirmed
Team: 9bitcolor
Author(s): Kev Brady
Graphics: Craig Stevenson (Original), Adapted by Kev Brady
Audio: Kev Brady
Original: Richard Jordan
Language: English
Website: http://www.bitglint.co.uk/

Guide Sir Stamperlot the knight around Melkhior the Wizard's house of horrors, or choose to play as one of his trusted companions, Lester the clumsy Serf, Zouch the green haired Witch or perhaps the elegant Princess Ashby.

Your task is to find the pieces of the key that will unlock the main entrance to the mansion, thus granting our hero, whoever that may be, their freedom from Melkhior's evil clutches.

Melkhior's Mansion, for Windows PC, Spectrum Next and ZX Spectrum 128k.

A fast paced, action packed throwback to the classic games of the 80's, in 15 glorious colours, hand picked from the infamous ZX Spectrum colour palette (we left out bright black!)

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