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Mystery City

Category: Game
Genre: Adventure (Graphics & Text)
Status: Released
Format: Digital
Cost: Free
Team: Loopdigital
Author(s): Rogerio Biondi
Language: English
Website: https://rbiondi.itch.io/mystery-city

"Another cigarette and a shot of whiskey. It would be a cold and lonely night like any other, if I were not called to investigate an ingenious murder at the Casablanca Hotel..."

Thomas Falken is a retired police detective. Facing the midlife crisis, divorced and far from his children. He's tired of dealing with common cases like scams, robberies and adultery. His monotonous life has been changed when he gets a call to investigate a murder that proves to be much more complex and deep than any ordinary cases that he has been used to. Mystery City is a dirty, dangerous place, a cosmopolitan city, alive, vibrant and full of puzzles!


Mystery City is an interactive fiction, a graphic/text adventure game by Rogerio Biondi picturing the Noir Movie theme. It has been released digitally by Loopdigital, with a possible deluxe physical edition coming a few months later. The game is greatly inspired by the great adventures of the past, such as the Infocom and Aventuras AD releases. It tries to revitalize the genre while paying an homage to those great games of the past. It's also a hardcore adventure, whose puzzles require cunning, lateral thinking and some must be solved outside the game.

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