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Next Shift

Category: Game
Genre: Arcade
Status: Released
Format: Digital
Cost: Free
Team: Sunteam
Author(s): Paul Weller
Graphics: Paul Weller
Audio: Richard Faulkner
AYFX Driver: Remy Sharp
Language: English
Website: https://sunteam.itch.io/next-shift

It's panic at the Spectrum Next factory! Under the watchful eye of the Bagomatic2000, Henrique has cloned himself to ensure all the Nexts are constructed and packaged in time.

Use the keys to move each Henrique up and down to intercept the incoming components. Keys Q and A control left Henrique. Keys P and L control right Henrique.

If you drop a component, that Next is ruined and the Bagomatic2000 will be angry. If you drop 3 then you've gotten too far behind and it's Game Over. After you finish packaging several Nexts, you'll get a momentary tea break to catch your breath.

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