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Category: Game
Genre: Arcade System
Status: Released
Format: Digital
Cost: Free
Team: Rusty Pixels
Author(s): Michael Ware, Jim Bagley
Graphics: Arcade Original
Audio: Space Fractal
Additional Graphics: Lobo and Phoebus Dokos
Language: English
Website: https://www.rustypixels.uk/?page_id=313

Rusty Arcade Machine System (RAMS) explores the idea of adapting original arcade titles so that they run natively on the Spectrum Next using the Spectrum Next core. Running the original arcade ROM's (which you will have to provide yourself), it provides translation and adaptation of the original hardware. Mapping elements such as the sprites, display and audio to the specific Spectrum Next hardware, screen modes, colours and audio.

For all intents and purposes, this is the original arcade machine running on your Next. All game logic is preserved 100%. Where resolution is an issue (portrait exceeding the vertical resolution of the Spectrum Next), adaptations include moving elements such as scores to the right hand side.

RAMS provides a front end for this endeavour, with artwork and descriptions for each title.

Currently planned are Donkey Kong (including the Japanese version), Frogger, Galaxian, Pac-Man and Hangly-Man (itself a tweak to the original Pac-Man arcade machine). Hopefully more will follow!

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