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Revival Survival

Category: Game
Genre: Maze Action
Status: In Development
Format: Digital+Physical
Cost: Paid (Demo available)
Team: Rusty Pixels / Turnarcades
Author(s): Craig Turner
Graphics: Craig Turner
Audio: Space Fractal
Language: English
Website: https://www.facebook.com/YamYamRetroGaming

Lasting all weekend at the summer gaming convention is tough, so what do you do when the games come alive and all hell breaks loose?

Grab your trusty zapper and hit the floor in over a dozen levels of jumping, shooting, maze-chase action! Take control of Craig and wipe out the rogue game sprites as you attempt to recover the stolen games and save the entire Revival retro event!


Single-player arcade mode with progressive stage difficulty

2-Player head-to-head deathmatch mode

60fps action utilising the latest Next hardware features

Arcade-perfect port with additional stages, content and control options

Originally created as a custom game for Revival Retro Events by Turnarcades in 2013, Revival Survival is a frantic blend of various classic gaming genres that was made into a dedicated custom arcade machine the following year. With a golden age arcade feel but highly detailed, colourful graphics and high sprite count, the team of Rusty Pixels and Turnarcades knew that like most arcade games it would have suffered in porting to the original Spectrum back in the day. So it became a perfect demonstration of how the Next is the first Spectrum to faithfully handle arcade conversion.

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