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Super Crate Box

Category: Game
Genre: Shoot'em Up
Status: In Development
Format: Digital
Cost: To Be Confirmed
Author(s): Mike Dailly
Graphics: Vlambeer, Mike Dailly
Language: English
Website: https://dailly.blogspot.com/

Originally created by Vlambeer in 2010 in Game Maker 7, Super Crate Box has appeared on desktops, phones, tablets, consoles and even retro machines such as the C64 and Spectrum.

The game itself has a simple premise - pick up boxes to score. This is easier said than done. Each box has a different weapon, some great, some not so great. But if you want to score high, you need to take the good with the bad! Pick up crates, earn new weapons, unlock new characters and levels.

Originally teased back in September 2018, the Spectrum Next version is being written by none other than Mike Dailly and you can follow his musings in the world of programming in his blog.

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