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Black Jack

Category: Game
Genre: Card Game
Status: Released
Format: Digital
Cost: Free
Author(s): Heart Ware
Language: English
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/3444623975589830/permalink/3444693075582920/

A very simple Black Jack program for one player on the ZX Spectrum Next.

Best played with a two-button joystick (Joystick Port 1, Kempston or AGF/Protek interface), in which case the actions are:

Up/Down - Increase/Decrease bet when possible
Fire1 - Start game / Hit (extra card)
Fire2 - End game / Stand (no more cards)

Keyboard version of the joystick "keys":
Up/Down - Cursor Arrows / 7 / 6
Fire1 - Space / Enter / 0
Fire2 - Backspace / 9

"Hidden keys" (not available while setting your bet):
"A" - Automatic mode (player side auto-plays)
"T" - Only while AutoPlay: Increase Player Threshold
"t" - Only while AutoPlay: Decrease Player Threshold

When first starting AutoPlay, the threshold is the same as for the computer 17. Threshold is the value at which the computer (or the player in AutoPlay mode) stops asking for more cards. The computer threshold is fixed at 17 (Standard Casino Rules, AFAIK), whereas you can set the AutoPlay Player Threshold with the "t"/"T" keys.

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