Spectrum Next Core v1.10 (BETA2 – more bugfixes)

This is a beta2 Core aiming at fixing some HDMI issues reported by users whose beta Core didn’t work. This distribution contais both a new core that addresses most users’ memory and keyboard problems, adds HDMI audio to those with good HDMI display and restores 14MHz functionality. Should you experience problems with this Core, revert back to the factory default found here.

For instructions on how to update your Core, refer to this article.

Important information:

1. *NOT ALL* TVs/Monitors will work. If yours worked before without wobble YOU SHOULD NOT apply this TBU. If you had no other trouble YOU SHOULD NOT apply this TBU.
2. For HDMI to work properly for the cases that your TV didn’t lock before but does now with the included TBU, timings NEEDED to be changed. This *will* affect your older games; music may sound faster and/or out of sync slightly among other things.
3. *NOT ALL* issues have been 100% fixed
4. If you’re using VGA, it’s possible that your display will get distorted and/or shifted with this fix. Try it and if it doesn’t work, report below this post what it did and your make and model. Then go back to the firmware in the Factory TBU folder
5. F3/F2 do not work with this TBU


 Spectrum Next Core v1.10 Beta (bugfixes for release candidate v1.11) – 214Mb (Download now)