TBBlue is now on gitlab! Version 1.0 milestone reached!

Good news first!

Fulfilling a promise (slowly but steadily) the TBBlue distribution has moved to gitlab here. Lots of new stuff added, extensive reorganization going on and now with lots of source code too!
Don’t worry; it will be here on specnext.com/latestdistro/ as well soon and in two flavours. One with and one without source code included (reason being that currently with the sources we have managed to upload the entire distribution clocks in at a little under 31 Megs). If you wish to contribute to the distribution too, check the readme.md file in the root folder of the git repo.

Better news now!

Version 1.0 was reached yesterday as all contributor sprint towards the finish line; with the latter being the dispatch of the distribution files to SMS for burning to the thousands of SD cards they have in their hands.

TBBlue Core is now at 2.00.00!
TBBlue Firmware is now at 1.10b (Thanks to Garry Lancaster who provided a crucial last minute fix)
NextZXOS is now at 2.00!!!!

Also Includes

  • New DOT commands that are BRAND NEW implementations specifically made for the Next by our amazing team (in no particular order)
    Allen Albright, Tim Gilberts, Garry Lancaster, Jim Bagley, Gari Biasilo, David Saphier and our newcomer Marco Varesio!
  • New utilities from Jim Bagley (BMPConv, NexCreator) and César Hernández Bañó (SPED)
  • PAW! from Tim Gilberts. And YES it’s in DSK format. Many of you were waiting; it works now and it works great!
  • NEW Games!

Stay tuned for more info soon!

Cheers on behalf of the TBBlue Distro team and the ZX Next Hub,