The Next is fully funded!

The ZX Spectrum Next is fully funded on Kickstarter! Indeed, in the very second day of the campaign it reached its funding goal, a testimony to the community’s passion for all things Speccy. To say we have been humbled by the result would be an understatement, we can’t thank the backers enough for joining us on this project.

If for some (crazy!) reason you haven’t yet backed the project, hear over to Kickstarter and order your perfect Spectrum Next. You’ll become part of the growing community that is making the Next the next (pun intended) step on the Speccy’s history.

To celebrate the achievement, we added stretch goals, the first of which is already unlocked:

£350,000 – A Better, Stronger Next (UNLOCKED!)
We expand the SLX9 FPGA to its bigger brother, the SLX16. What does it do? Glad you asked: we can add much more hardware features into the Next (60% more room), making it a better computer than it already is!

£450,000 – Expand Me Easy
The Next gets sockets for the extra memory, making it as easy as slotting in a memory chip in order to expand its RAM, no more soldering involved. The WiFi also gets a slot, removing the need for soldering too.

£550,000 – The Holy Manual
A wiro bound printed manual upgrade, with a sci-fi cover to invoke warm feelings on those in the know.

£650,000 – Secret
We’ll unwrap this one soon!

£750,000 – Mega Secret
Will we ever unwrap this?

Fingers crossed we can unlock all the stretchs and make the Next an even better computer!