The Second Coming, The Return, The Revenge, The Next Generation, Part Deux!!

What started in 2017 with the launch of the first Kickstarter for the ZX Spectrum Next (we can call it the first now because there is actually a sequel) is finally being revisited in the form of a brand new Kickstarter!

All the years, months, days or hours (if you only just found out about it now) of waiting are about to be rewarded. You too can pledge for your very own Spectrum Next! Or get another one to go with the one you pledged for the last time around.

We need your belief and your investment because without you none of this would be possible. We would sincerely love to blow the last Kickstarter target out of the water. Wouldn’t it be great to produce more units than before? As Max Zorin said in A View to a Kill – “More, more power!”. As Chief Brody said in Jaws – “You’re gonna need a bigger boat…” for all these Next’s.

Head on over to the Kickstarter page and sign up, ready for the launch on Tuesday 11th at 21:00 BST!

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