The Shop is now live!

It feels like it was yesterday that the Kickstarter campaign was funded beyond anyone’s expectation, and we happily unlocked all the stretch goals to create a bigger and better ZX Spectrum Next for the community. The end of the Kickstarter was just the beginning of a lot of hard work for the team, but a team now re-energized in the knowledge of being working on something tangible, real, thanks to the incredible passion of the Speccy fans.

Ever since the end of the KS, we’ve been inundated with queries and requests to make the Spectrum Next available for purchase by those who, for one reason or another, couldn’t join the crowdfunding campaign. We thought hard and carefully about this, how to manage it, roll out, and how to make it fair for the backers who joined us early on.

Our solution is now live: the Next is available for pre-ordering here on the website. There are, though, a couple of changes we made to keep things fair for everyone: first, the shipping date is a month later than for the KS backers, they will get their boards and machines first; second, the Next now has a 20% margin over the original price, which was at cost for the crowdfunding campaign only. We believe this strikes a fair and good balance for backers and new users alike, and enables everyone who’s a Speccy fan to get their hands on the Spectrum Next.

So, if you were one of those who have been waiting for a solution in order to get a Next, head over to the Shop right here. If you are one of the backers already, make sure to welcome the new members of the community who will help us all make the Spectrum Next an even bigger success! 😉

Henrique and the team!