Wonderful Dizzy

Wonderful Dizzy is a new game designed by the Oliver Twins, creators of the original Dizzy series, and produced by Dmitri & the Crystal Kingdom Dizzy Spectrum remake team. This new Dizzy title will be enhanced for the Spectrum Next, taking advantage of its features, graphics modes and sound. It’s incredible to have such a special game, which in many ways defined the original Spectrum, announced for the Next. Once the 128 version is out, the work starts on the enhanced version for the Next.

Hugely exciting news! Check out the Oliver Twins talking about the project and announcing its roots in the videos below.

Here’s the full team and credits for the game:

Dmitri & the Crystal Kingdom Dizzy Spectrum remake team
Jarrod Bentley – responsible for the original Crystal Kingdom Dizzy in-game 8 bit graphics.
Piotr ‘PIT’ Gratkiewicz (More of PIT’s artwork at: zdlugopisa.blogspot.com) for illustrations.

This new game is produced as a hobby by all involved – no one is being paid for making this. They all have busy day jobs! As a result we are delighted to provide this New Dizzy game for FREE to all backers.

We must also give a massive thanks to the Oliver Twins and Codemasters. This game will created and distributed under license. All rights reserved. “Dizzy” is a trademark of Codemasters. (c) 1986 – 2017. The Oliver Twins and Codemasters generously donate all their royalties to Special Effect & The National Videogame Arcade on any Dizzy games sales.