Kickstarter 2 has been a resounding success!

Such a testament to the Spectrum Next, and the community that has rallied around to get the second Kickstarter funded to over a million pounds in 3 days!

The early signs were there. Thousands of people had signed up for the prelaunch page and at the stroke of 9pm on Tuesday, the team and the backers’ eyes were fixed on the Kickstarter total, rising to the funding goal of £250,000 in around five minutes. Unbelievable.

We were caught off guard somewhat. After all, whilst the first Kickstarter exceeded its own goal in around 33 hours, there was plenty of time to regroup and plan the stretch goals. This time around? It was for more chaotic. Certainly we’d planned some things but probably not enough!

Stretch goals toppled like dominoes.

Of course we have ideas for the £1.2M goal, and beyond, we just need to finish our homework first in order to make sure they’re 100% viable and won’t cause us significant headaches down the road.

Thank you to everyone who has pledged their hard earned money to support this Kickstarter. With 26 days to go, let’s see how high we can get this funding total. Let’s see how many new backers we can bring in. Spread the word!!!