Rusty Pixels game pre-order is Live!

After many many months of keeping us all waiting, Rusty Pixels have opened up the pre-orders for Baggers In Space, Warhawk and Tyvarian. Just in time for the shipping of the cased Next’s!

So much hard work, polish and refinement has gone into these titles. What’s more, they are limited availability physical releases! That’s right, not only are these excellent games, but they are also beautifully packaged. A perfect start (or addition) to your Spectrum Next games collection.

Help Baggers repair his spaceship to get him home for dinner, fight hordes of Zoch minions in your fighter, or steal the fabled Lavey Crystals. Or maybe do all three?

You can see the announcement on the Rusty Pixels Website.

More information on the games (including screenshots and videos) can be found on the Spectrum Next Games site.

To pre-order your copies, head on over to the SpecNext Shop!

So head on over and support these great developers!

Rusty Pixels are Jim Bagley, Michael Ware, Lobo Spitoufs and Space Fractal.