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Delta's Shadow

Category: Game
Genre: Platform (Action)
Status: Released
Format: Digital+Physical
Cost: Paid (Demo available)
Author(s): Evgeniy Suhomlin (Sinc LAIR) Alexander Udotov (Sanchez)
Graphics: Evgeniy Rogulin (ER)
Audio: Oleg Nikitin (nik-o)
Language: English, Español, Polski, Русский
Website: https://zxonline.net/game/deltas-shadow/

“Delta’s Shadow” is an action platformer inspired by the game “Power Blade2” for the NES. Playing as a secret agent Nova and his partner Jacqueline, you will have to plunge into the gloomy atmosphere of the game and fight deadly combat machines and aliens.

Transnational corporation Trigon continues the Delta Foundation job and prepares a new alien invasion. “Delta’s shadow” features more than 20 music tracks, lots of technological locations, stealth, and racing levels.

Destroy the Trigon Corporation and save the Earth from the aliens’ threat!

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