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Delta's Shadow

Category: Game
Genre: Beat'em up
Status: In Development
Format: Digital
Cost: To Be Confirmed
Author(s): Eugene Sukhomlin (sincLAIR), Alexander Udotov (SaNchez)
Graphics: Eugeniy Rogulin
Audio: Oleg Nikitin (nik-o)
Website: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChC1Gcl-1bOkNPPzN_owcVg

Several years after the defeat of the Delta Foundation, advanced robot schematics and other top secret material left behind in the aftermath was stolen by hackers.

Terrorists obtained this stolen information and started to produce their own fighting robots and other deadly weapons.

Nova must destroy all terrorist weapons plants and put an end to their plans!

Originally produced for the NES by Taito back in 1991 Power Blade focused on a central character called Nova who must find a way to destroy the master computer. A year later Power Blade 2 was released and this time Nova must take down the Delta Foundation, a group who have created a new kind of cyborg which threatens global security.

Coming in 2019 to the Spectrum Next and Spectrum 128+, the unofficial third episode, inspired by Power Blade continues the story of Nova. The primary development focus is the Spectrum 128+ version, with the Spectrum Next version using an extended colour palette and enhanced sound.

There are three distinct types of gameplay.

Play as Nova, you must battle the robots who stand in your way
Race through the futuristic streets
Play as Jaqueline, a female agent who helps Nova

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