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Grelox: Contagion

Category: Game
Genre: Puzzle (Action)
Status: Released
Format: Physical
Cost: Paid
Team: Sunteam
Author(s): Paul Weller
Graphics: Paul Weller
Audio: Paul Weller
Language: English
Website: https://www.bitmapsoft.co.uk/product/grelox-contagion/

After departing Colony 7, Grelox receives a distress call. The Xicus system has been stricken with a deadly contagion and an urgent plea has gone out to collect the rare vegetation from nearby planets in order to formulate a vaccine. Reluctantly, Grelox turns her ship around and heads for the nearest planet…

Grelox: Contagion is a puzzle/action game where you have to maneuver blocks, hit switches to open gates, and avoid the roaming monsters while collecting all the plants on each level.

It consists of a whopping 100 levels across 10 different worlds and features an auto-save and level select. Controls are redefinable and joystick optional.

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