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Invasion of the Cloud People - The Next Storm

Category: Game
Genre: Platform (Action)
Status: Released
Format: Digital
Cost: Donation
Team: Sinclair Society
Author(s): TJ Ferreira
Graphics: TJ Ferreira
Audio: TJ Ferreria
Language: English
Website: https://sinclairsociety.itch.io/invasion-of-the-cloud-people-the-next-storm

They were our friends…That all changed the day The Cloud People came into power!

Our drinking water supplies have dried up. Savage storms beat down on us daily. Lightning, Tornadoes, Hail & Ice Storms. It gets too hot and then too cold. The Cloud People are relentless. Even our ponds have dried up and we can no longer even waddle in the water.

The Cloud People have stolen our way of life!

It is time to go to battle!

I, Captain Quacker-Jax, will be our lone hope to defeat the Cloud People. I will do my best.

My mission is to locate and bring home our prize possession, the Golden Quacker, as it sustains our brood. The Cloud People stole it from us and we need to get it back. We need to take The Cloud People down as to rubble in the clouds.

My Spaceship is Cellustorm!

Cellustorm is a powerful vessel equipped with the most powerful computer in all of the lands, the ZX-NxT. Cellustorm will help me find enough Blue Rain Drops to survive the terrible 10 layers of clouds. I will need to battle hell in the skies as The Cloud People show no mercy!

Onward to Stratus, Cumulus, Strato-C, Nimbo, Alto-S, Alto-C, Cirro-S, Cirro-C, Cirrus, and Cumulon!

I must beware though…as I heave heard of the nasty Cloud Triangle, and understand I must find this place to get needed gear and special items so I can make it all the way to Cumulon. I have heard about the Cloud Triangle, it is easy to get in, but you seldom can ever leave!

This journey will be a long hard battle. I will meet and battle Schock-Ra, Twista-Tron, Hail-Bop, as well as the nasty Cloud People. Not only that but Red Acid Rain Drops that can eat through the hull of Cellustorm and will make my ride a bumpy one at best but….. or destroy it at worst… but I Will Prevail!

I say goodbye with this last message…. “I Love You All. God Speed To Us All!”

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