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Invasion of the Cloud People - The Next Storm

Category: Game
Genre: Unknown
Status: In Development
Format: Digital
Cost: Free
Team: Sinclair Society
Author(s): TJ Ferreira
Graphics: TJ Ferreira
Audio: TJ Ferreria
Language: English
Website: https://www.patreon.com/SinclairSociety

My 1st video game!

I have created IOTCP (Invasion of the Cloud People) from scratch and for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48 Computer or compatible emulator like FUSE.

The idea started in my head back in the early 1980s but girls and fast cars became more prominent so the game never happened. Instead I drove around in my Datsun 240z and enjoyed being with friends. But the game never left my memory.

Fast forward and I am now in my 50s and have fallen in love with Sinclair Computers so I decided to create my 1st game.

I have never done programming before so this is my 1st try, all done in ZX Basic on my trusty ZX Spectrum Omni 128HQ Laptop and tested on my many Sinclair computers like the Spectrum 128 Toastrack and the Spectrum 48+.

I jokingly call it my Cassette 50 game... if your not familiar with that search for Sinclair Cassette 50 on YouTube... and you will see why. I basically said my goal was to create a small quick game that could be worthy of landing on a Cassette 50 Tape. I feel I have done that.. and then some... but in the end the game is short-n-sweet, but not easy to win. Layer 6 and 7 will be hard to beat but can be done. Hopefully this makes the game fun to play, infuriating at times because it is cruel, but drives you to try again days and weeks later until you randomly finally win!

I hope you enjoy this free game and if you donate a small $ amount, I thank you so much! Maybe the proceeds if any can go towards helping me create Invasion of the Cloud People version 2!

Thanks for trying my game!


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