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The Magnetic Scrolls Compilation

Category: Game
Genre: Adventure (Graphics & Text)
Status: Released
Format: Digital
Cost: Free
Team: Strand Games
Author(s): Stefan Bylund (Conversion), Niclas Karlsson (Magnetic Interpreter), Magnetic Scrolls (Original)
Graphics: Stefan Bylund (Conversion), Magnetic Scrolls (Original)
Audio: Sergey Kosov (MmcM), Oleg Nikitin (Nik-O)
Remastering: Hugh Steers, Stefan Meier
Cover: John Blythe
Font: Phoebus Dokos

Language: English
Website: https://strandgames.com/projects/zxnext

The Magnetic Scrolls Compilation is a compilation of all currently available Magnetic Scrolls games for the ZX Spectrum Next. This compilation is provided as a convenience if you want to download all the games in a bundle and, optionally, create your own physical edition of the compilation with a case and cover.

Some of the games are remastered versions by Strand Games that contain bug fixes, playability improvements and, in some cases, additional location images. The other games are the classic versions that are waiting to be remastered but are still brilliant in their original form. This compilation will be updated when a game has been remastered or when a game has been updated with bug fixes or other improvements.

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