The Next gets reviewed!

As the Next gets delivered world-wide, reviews and experiences start to show up all over the web. Check out some of our favourite ones:

Nostalgia Nerd

Nostalgia Nerd is one of our favourite YouTubers, and he has done an incredibly detailed review of the Next, going over several games, functionalities, tips and tricks.

In his one-hour long review, he goes over some music composing software, settings, hardware tear-down, games… You name it. Worth every minute!

Retro Recipes

The impossibly cool Perifractic and his dog attempt loading an Atic Atac tape on the Next amongst other other tests, including running CPM, going online with the Next, testing its Turbo modes and more.

And it’s so, so hard not to be utterly envious of Perifractic’s cave…

sinc Lair

Directly from Ukraine (and subtitled), Evgeniy Suhomlin tries to skip work to unbox and explore his Next. Specially cool as he runs a lot of Pentagon stuff on it, try snapshots, look at DMA and… Well, go check it out!