ZXDB-DL update

David Saphier updated the ZXDB-DL app, which allows you to connect your Spectrum Next to the online ZXDB database and download any game or app directly into your computer. It’s a lovely handy piece of software that puts a world of content right into your Next. Here’s his latest post about the ZXDB-DL:

For those you who may have missed it earlier this year and have an ESP wifi inside your Next….

Slow SD card issues now sovled with Remy’s HTTP with bank rolling! Ensure you update http to v1 – you can do this in the app by issuing #http on the search!

Edit : Updated to v.96 19/5/21

Highlights :

  • Even faster again!
  • Can choose between 115kbps & 576kbps!!
  • Config and save dir is saved
  • Now uses v1 of HTTP with bank rolling, no more slow SD card issues!
  • Tries to resolve empty pages
  • shows required machine type
  • splash screen
  • if http doesn’t exist its copied to c:/dot/http (latest 1.0-20b)
  • can now browse page results with cursor left / right
  • change download directory with #cd [path]
  • faster results
  • other fixes ….

Massive thanks to Remy Sharp for his brilliant .http (https://github.com/remy/next-http) which without any of this would not be possible along with his Next ZXDB API proxy & D Xalior Rimron-Soutter for his awesome backend support, scripting and hosting with NextBestNetwork https://www.nextbestnetwork.com/wos/

Please let us know how your experience goes as this will help improve the software. Ensure your wifi is working / connected before starting.

Extract the zxdb and dot folder to the root of your SD card, then from the Browser go into zxdb-dl and run zxdb-loader.bas


Also thanks Boriel for his ZX Compiler which the browser was written in (https://github.com/boriel/zxbasic) along with NextBuild (https://github.com/em00k/NextBuild)