Editor module

The editor module allows the user to make changes to some of the Next/TBBlue settings. When started the code looks for the file ‘/tbblue/config.ini‘ which contains all the settings, such as the machine mode (48K, 128K or +2) and the ROM to be loaded, in addition to other options explained here.

The list of up to 15 machines options entries is displayed on the screen, the default machine is selected. Theuser can use the up and down arrows to select the default machine by selecting and pressing ‘ENTER’; or pressing ‘E’ to go to the option editing screen. Depending on the hardware options may vary. In the options screen the arrows navigate between them and the ‘SPACE’ key modifies the option. To confirm the editing of the options the user must press ‘ENTER’. An example of the option editing screen:

After modifying the options and/or selecting the machine, the editor saves the settings in the file ‘/tbblue/config.ini‘ and restarts the IPL.

If any error occurs in the process the ULA border is set to red colour and an error message is displayed on the screen, leaving the machine in an infinite loop.