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Spice Invaderz

Category: Game
Genre: Shoot'em Up
Status: Released
Format: Digital
Cost: Donation
Author(s): Bootlegger
Graphics: Bootlegger
Audio: Bootlegger
Language: English
Website: https://bootlegger.itch.io/spice-invaderz

Aim of the game :-
Stop the Aliens from landing on your planet by shooting them!
If the aliens land, the game is over, no matter how many lives you have left.

Control :-
In Game;
Keys O,P M/Space or Joysticks to move
Kempston can be toggled on and off
SJS 0 and 1 are also allowed

Game Mechanics :-
Shooting the alien ship as fast as you can once it enters the play area increased the amount scores
The more aliens you shoot, the faster they become.

Playing in Retro mode removes the backdrop and makes the sprites Mono in appearance - all waves are same layout.
Playing in Next mode give you a colourful background, colourful sprites, and different wave patterns.

You gain an extra life when reaching 1500 points
Game is over once all lives are lost or the Aliens hit the base of the play area.

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