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Treasure Hunters

Category: Game
Genre: Platformer
Status: Released
Format: Digital+Physical
Cost: Paid (Demo available)
Team: Sanchez
Author(s): Alexander Udotov (Sanchez)
Graphics: Pixel Frog
Audio: Oleg Nikitin (n1k-o)
Physical Release: sinc LAIR ZX studio
Website: https://zxonline.net/game/treasure-hunters

One day, Captain Clown Nose finds himself on a desert island, where he stumbles upon a tall palm tree. Under which, he discovers a huge treasure chest. Though sadly for him, he also discovers that the chest is sealed tight with a huge lock.

Trying in vain to open the lock with his sabre, he decides there’s only one thing for it…

A bomb should do the trick! He carefully placed the bomb under the chest, waited a few seconds, and then…

BOOM! The chest blew open, scattered its treasures all over the island!

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