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Category: Game
Genre: Adventure (Graphics & Text)
Status: Released
Format: Digital
Cost: Free
Team: Strand Games
Author(s): Stefan Bylund (Conversion), Niclas Karlsson (Magnetic Interpreter), Magnetic Scrolls (Original)
Graphics: Stefan Bylund (Conversion), Magnetic Scrolls (Original)
Audio: Sergey Kosov (MmcM)
Font: Phoebus Dokos
Language: English
Website: https://gitlab.com/strandgames/brahman/-/tree/master/zxnext_magnetic/games/corrupt

Can you cope with Corruption? The City of London. Deals and chicanery, Porsches and profit, wild animals in handmade suits. And you. Outwardly, you're on the fast track to success. The partnership in the broking firm came through today, along with new car, new office, new secretary... But behind the glittering facade, what corruption lurks unseen?

In the real world, the good guys rarely win. Are you really a winner? Or are you a dead man? Because in the world of big money, there's nothing in between.

Corruption is a fast-paced thriller, a battle of wills like nothing else you've ever played. Your only weapons are communication and information. There's nobody you can trust. And it isn't easy. But then, neither is life.

This is a conversion by Strand Games of the illustrated text adventure game Corruption. Corruption was originally released by Magnetic Scrolls in 1988 and was their fourth game. It provided premium graphics in combination with an advanced parser. A text-only version of the game was released for the Spectrum +3. For the first time you can now enjoy Corruption and its beautiful graphics on your Spectrum Next.

The conversion has been made using the Spectrum Next porting of Magnetic; an open-source Magnetic Scrolls interpreter. The graphics are from the original Commodore Amiga version and have been converted to the Spectrum Next colour palette. The game currently uses the original game story file by Magnetic Scrolls. It will be updated when the remastered game story file by Strand Games is available.

The game combines the layer 2 mode for showing colourful graphics and the Timex hi-res mode for displaying high-resolution text with a proportional font. The graphics can be scrolled up and down using the keyboard or mouse to make more or less room for the text. The text colour can be changed to your liking by cycling through a palette of 32 hand-picked colours. The game state can be saved to and loaded from an SD card.

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