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Golden Seas

Category: Game
Genre: Adventure (Graphics & Text)
Status: Released
Format: Digital
Cost: Paid
Team: Sunteam
Author(s): Paul Weller
Graphics: Paul Weller
Language: English
Website: https://sunteam.itch.io/golden-seas

Take to the seas and discover the islands and people who inhabit the Clasp. Can you find the meaning behind your dreams?

Golden Seas is a traditional text adventure with a huge open world (over 120 illustrated locations), multiple logical puzzle threads and no random deaths.

Martell was laying on his small outrigger as it floated slowly across the calm sea, watching the fluffy clouds overhead catch the golden rays of the sun. He had a peaceful, yet simple life, sailing the waters of the Clasp - an area of islands that sat between the Amber Sea, the Sea of Fire and the Candle Sea - collectively know as the Golden Seas. He had no permanent home and little in the way of possessions. The only thing he needed was the freedom to go wherever the wind took him.

He had been troubled of late by vivid dreams that had begun to haunt him; The voice and pale face of a young woman, beautiful and calming. But then there were visions - visions of blood in water, bright lights that are blinding, spectres that head straight for him….then the woman's voice calls out in distress, as though trapped and in imminent danger. A strong wind blows ships off course, the earth cracks, fire shoots up from under the ground and all is flooded in a great disaster.

Martell is driven by these dreams. He is sure that the woman can be found, and finding her might be the only thing that can prevent the apocalypse that he has foreseen. The only problem is that he doesn't know where to begin.

In Golden Seas, you play the part of Martell - his goal to uncover the truth behind his dreams, which he believes could save the world from a terrible catastrophe.

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