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Category: Game
Genre: Platform
Status: In Development
Format: Digital
Cost: To Be Confirmed
Author(s): Simon Butler
Graphics: Simon Butler
Audio: Paul "Sidman" Hesso
Language: English

A lone spaceman awakes with no idea where or who he is.

Strange hallways stretch away around him. Doorways are locked to prevent his progression into the depths that will hopefully reveal his identity and that of those responsible for his dilemma.

Pressure pads must be activated to gain access to the mysteries beyond; keys for alien machines must be found, but each success seems to cause the world around him to tremble and shake.

Is this another problem to solve or something caused by our hero himself?

And what are those shadowy movements around him, is he not alone?

QuakeStar is influenced heavily by the classic StarQuake, but with more puzzle elements and problem solving on top of a hefty dollop of platforming madness.

The usual ingredients are all waiting to test your reactions, whirling blades, moving platforms, crushing machinery.

Pushing and pulling blocks and switches will open or close pathways that may potentially contain the answer to all our hero’s questions.

A game for platform fans who like a smidge of narrative and some brain teasing to boot.

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