Vradark’s Revenge

Vradark’s Revenge is the latest Spectrum Next game from Sanchez Crew. An arcade adventure extravaganza featuring beautiful visuals and audio. An innovative control method using both keyboard and mouse makes this game feels unique to all other Spectrum Next games.

Not got a PS2 mouse for your Spectrum Next? Fortunately they are still easy to get hold of on sites such as Ebay and Amazon. It’s definitely worth it and they can often be found for a few £’s.

Take on the role of the wizard and free your friends’ soul from Vradark’s Sphere. Battle through multiple levels of enemies, collecting coins and levelling up your magical weapons, defeating the end of level bosses until you face Vradark himself!

You can pick up a physical or digital copy over at https://zxonline.net/game/vradarks-revenge/